We have developed and contributed to software for time calibration of molecular phylogenies, the identification of introgression in genomes, and the analysis of microsatellite markers.

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We have published genetic and genomic studies on vertebrates as diverse as Antarctic icefishes, sparrows, tropical eels, shorebirds, cichlid fishes, and ungulates.

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We have been directing and teaching international workshops since 2015, beginning with the Evomics Workshop on Molecular Evolution in Çeský Krumlov, Czech Republic.

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Michael Matschiner

Michael is Associate Professor for Vertebrate Zoology at the Natural History Museum in Oslo, which is part of the University of Oslo. He is also the scientific curator of the museum's fish collection. In his past postdoc life, he worked at Canterbury University in New Zealand, at the University of Oslo, and at the Universities of Basel and Zurich in Switzerland.

Fabrizia Ronco

Fabrizia is a postdoctoral fellow at the Natural History Museum in Oslo. During her masters, PhD and first PostDoc projects – all at the University of Basel, Switzerland – she focused on the adaptive radiation of cichlid fishes from Lake Tanganyika. In Oslo, she studies diversification patterns of Antarctic notothenioid fishes.

Thore Koppetsch

Thore is a PhD student at the Natural History Museum in Oslo. He completed his MSc thesis on taxonomy, biogeography, and speciation in North-East African reptiles at the University of Bonn and Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Germany, and performed research on herpetofaunal diversity and speciation, focussing particularly on skinks, chameleons, and other lizards.

Alberto Valero Gracia

Alberto is a PhD fellow at the Natural History Museum in Oslo working on the Spiralia Tree of Life. As Marie Curie Early Stage researcher, he completed his MPhil thesis on photoreceptor cell evolution in Ambulacraria at the Open University of London (UK), and the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Italy). Previous MSc and Bachelor studies were done at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain).

Benedicte Garmann-Aarhus

Benedicte is an evolutionary biologist with a great interest in genomics. As a PhD student in the Evoinformatics group at the Natural History Museum, she is currently working on the ICEFISH project, where she will explore the role of gene flow in the adaptive radiation of Antarctic icefishes.

Alessia Prestanti

Alessia is a master's degree student whose interests are focused on the fields of the biodiversity conservation and evolutionary dynamics. As an Erasmus Traineeship student at the Natural History Museum in Oslo, she is working on her Master thesis, that concerns the phylogenetic relationships among Malagasy cichlids of the genus Paratilapia.


We are always looking for members to add to the Evoinformatics Group. Please contact us if you are an undergraduate student interested in doing a MSc thesis with us. A postdoc position will be filled in January 2024 in the ICEFISH project.

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